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Video: Between Two Points | Effy Stonem

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Title: Between Two Points
Vidder: xEternallyDazzled (me!)
Song: Between Two Points
Artist: The Glitch Mob feat. Swan
Fandom: Skins
Characters/Pairings: Effy Stonem
Links: Youtube, Download, Tumblr
Summary: "The shortest distance between two points, is the line from me to you."

Quote at end: "You know, that Effy smile.. that means, 'you don't know me at all. You never will.'"

♥ Song inspiration: this video wouldn't have been made without this exceptionally perfect video by xWPrisonLoveMx, that introduced me to this song:

⇢ I don't really have an explanation for this video. It's kind of a chaotic look into Effy's mind, and a tribute to her presence, her sexuality, her awesomeness. Idek, I loved her so much, even in s4, though I didn't use many clips from that season. I got really inspired out of nowhere, and since school is stressing me out beyond belief (why is going to college even necessary? fuckers don't know I don't need it because i'm ahhhbviously going to be a vidder~~) , most of my videos have been put on hold. But I did this in a couple days, which felt really, really nice. :'D

I know there are a LOT of effects in here, but every once in a while it feels really nice to do something different from my usual routine. I know I'm not very consistent with songs I choose, but I go by what inspires me.. so. :)

Thank you for watching and/or reading! :)
- Kelleh
Tags: character: effy stonem, skins, video, video: skins
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