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Video: Sacrifice Yourself | Harry Potter

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Title: Sacrifice Yourself
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Harry, Voldemort
Warnings: Spoilers for entire series & trailers, obviously. 
Summary: "You gotta fight just to make it through, 'cause I will be the death of you."
Links: Youtube, Download (640x360, 48.15 MB, .mp4)

∗ AWYEAH: Yay! Finally I finished another HP vid, but it's not that much better than my last one imo, anddd I'm not very proud of it. But, hey, can't win every battle. I've been vidding HP a lot lately since I finally downloaded all the movies, but the trailers have been killing me inside because they gave me so much inspiration a;sdlkfj. So this is just me letting it out, without having to spend too much time making a longer video. I'm so overly pumped for Pt. 2 of DH, but I think my soul is going to die as it ends, soo watch out for that :) !

∗ SONG CREDIT: Someone reblogged this song on tumblr a week or so ago, and it totally brought back memories of how much I loved this video by Gaby (Gaby0189x):

So naturally I went to watch it and got re-obsessed with the song. And years ago, I tried vidding it to SPN and just couldn't get the feeling right, so it was daunting for me to try again, but I couldn't resist.

∗ ABOUT THE VIDEO: Harry's POV. Focuses on his relationship with Voldemort throughout the books and especially Deathly Hallows. I would go in more depth but I tend to not be very good at that, so, I hope you enjoy the video!

- Kelly
p.s. Summer is perfect. I'm so relaxed I feel like I'm going to slowly turn into a couch. Can couches vid?
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