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if you close your eyes, you'll see darkness.

if you keep your eyes closed for long enough, you'll see light.

art is a way of life, there is no end
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fanvids and more by xeternallydazzled
| About Me |

My name is Kelly, but I go by lots of names: including Kelleh, Kellus and Kellison. I make fun of myself a lot. If we don't already know each other, HAI! I have a passion for editing videos. I love an abnormal amount of television shows and at the moment, Supernatural owns my existence. I have a heavy love for sarcasm, it's kind of my personality, so if I come off like that, I'm not actually a mean person! :) I tend to look at life as a glass half full, with a positive perspective. So to some I might be known as a pain in the ass. I'm a procrastinator.. it's a sickness. I'm a redhead with green eyes. Feel free to get to know me because I LOVE meeting new people. Just talk to me!
| Vidding |

Editing videos to me is a way of life. I watch movies and television for my own enjoyment, but it's quite impossible for me to NOT think about vidding them in some way as I watch, to see the visual in my head. I find my muse pretty easily, and can lose it just as quick. I do what I do because I love it, I simply cannot imagine a life without it. With my videos my hope is to convey the emotions I felt when I envisioned the video originally. The most satisfying thing in the entire world is being happy with a video I made. My goal is to improve as much as possible, there's always something new to learn and master.
| mykindofart |

This is a community dedicated to posting my videos, fanart, picspams, icons and pretty much anything and anyone and everyone is welcome to join if you'd like to. *smile* I made this simply because I wanted to separate personal LJ posts from my 'art'. It also gives me a way to keep everything more organized. My personal livejournal username is eternallydzzled :) You can add me there and if you want to be added back just drop a word! My fandoms include all that you see in the 'interests' section of my profile, though those are mostly just the ones that I vid or make graphics for. There are lots more where that came from. <3

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