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Video: Something Left to Give | Skins Gen 3

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Song | Title: Something Left to Give
Artist: The Starting Line
Fandom: Skins
Characters/Pairings: Cast video :)
Links: Youtube, Download (please comment if you take ♥)
Summary: "It's not that interesting, but, I'd like to keep it a secret, so I'll have something left to give."

"The people who make us happy are never the people we expect."

- NOTE: Please don't use this video to voice your opinions on the show, or your opinions on the characters. You can comment on my channel if you want someone to discuss~ stuff with though :)

♥ FIRST OFF: HAPPY SPRING BREAK (I just started mine yesterday)! Ahh shiiit. I'm on a Skins high lately, and it's all because of s5. Which, in my opinion, was glorious and fresh and wonderful. No offense to people that loved it, but season 4 really made me forget how amazing Skins is to watch. It truly is a combination of so many emotions and genres. More than that, this is the first season where I really feel like I love every character (except one.. and even him I don't really care enough to dislike). I think most people who dislike this season haven't given it a fair chance, or are just trying to hold onto the old cast. If you're going to hate it, at least watch it before doing so!

This I started after my DVD came last week, I didn't know if I was going to do it but once I rewatched the season I NEEDED to make something for this amazing generation. SO MANY AWESOME CHARACTERS AND COUPLES AND FRIENDSHIPS, I'M IN LOVE. One of the things I loved most about it was the way they put so many unlikely people together as couples and just friends.. opposites attract season much? If season 6 is as good as season 5, this will easily become my favorite generation.

(Was my lady boner for Mini showing btw? I think so. OH WELL. )

Thank you for watching and reading! :)
- Kelleh
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This is AMAZING. Gorgeous song and editing.
aljdsf thank you! :') I'm glad you like it.
I'm downloading the video! ♥
Enjoy! Thanks for commenting btw :)